We’re on twitter!

Crimscote joins Twitter! We’ve joined this social platform to develop our social media strategy and engage more intimately with our growing client base. Hopefully, this will provide another vehicle for communication between us and our clients.

People tend to gravitate to social media sites now for information and interaction. Social media sites will hopefully offer Crimscote the opportunity to utilise our volume economy, presenting us with a rapidly increasing vast user base of potential customers and communications targets. Crimscote have joined LinkedIn as well as Twitter with hopefully each social media platform presenting an opportunity for us and our clients to form unique relationships, and reach out to a wider consumer base, share key content about the business and provide marketing and networking potential.

Social media allows a business like ours to promote and market our own brand, more and more companies are developing content marketing strategies, sharing blogs, infographics, and whitepapers at every opportunity.

We want our clients to interact directly with our business via social media. We want to be responsive and attentive to our clients and build customer loyalty and strengthen brand image. We want to put names and faces to our business which aides clients in building up a rapport with us, allowing them to connect emotionally with our company. Social media sites provide a breeding ground for people who are influential and trusted enough to give their opinions and endorsements for businesses and their products, we are confident enough as a business to put ourselves out there, with our head above the parapet and hopefully reap the rewards.

We’d love to connect with a diverse range of individuals and business to communicate, keep up to date with our activity as well as yours, and generally grow our network.

Follow @crimscote……..its good to stay in touch!