News on cutting reinforced structures

Recent conversations from tender enquires have centred around the techniques available and difficulties associated with cutting reinforced concrete structures for either repair or replacement purposes. Here at Crimscote Construction we have recently undertaken numerous projects involving cutting and removing reinforced concrete structures up to a depth of 570mm.

We’ve just secured a project in central Birmingham which requires detailed cutting of reinforced concrete structure slabs to facilitate a drainage diversion within a confined space; we’ll keep you posted and aim to upload a video on here shortly to demonstrate how some of these difficulties can be overcome; utilising specialist plant, equipment, and the right personnel to get the job done!

Also, keep an eye out for the recent industry breakthroughs associated with Hydrodemolition; utilising both high pressure (HP) and ultra high pressure (UHP) to cut and remove concrete whilst still leaving the reinforcement bars in place.

Alternative options we can provide include:

Diamond Wall Sawing

The Diamond Wall Saw has a variety of uses from cutting off or reducing sections of reinforced concrete walls to forming doors, escalator or lift shaft openings. Due to its light weight and easily transportable components, it is capable of being used in multi storey buildings on either walls or floors up to depths of 700mm. With flush cutting capabilities cutting tight up to parallel walls or floors is easily achieved.

Diesel Powered Floor Sawing

Cutting of reinforced concrete or asphalt provides a clean and straight cut to depths of up to 500mm. The floor sawing method can be used to cut per linear metre to separate or straighten rough areas of slabs or cut the perimeter of openings and the internal area into sections. Each section can then be lifted out removing the vibration caused by using breakers. Expansion joints in new concrete floors can also be formed with the width of cuts varying from 3mm – 20mm.

Powered Floor Sawing

Powerful Electric Floor Saws for internal cutting works. This method of cutting is ideally suited for protected environments such as hospitals, food or chemical production facilities or heavily populated area’s such as shopping centres or offices.

We can achieve depths of 500mm through heavily reinforced concrete floor slabs and ground beams. Although these machines can run diamond blades up to 1500mm diameter they are designed to fit through standard personnel doors, and so access is not normally a problem.

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